Maps & Field Guides

A field guide is a useful resource for explaining and interpreting what we see in our everyday encounters with the urban landscape. Because the urban landscape is dynamic, constantly in process of change, field guides can be especially helpful for bringing the past into clearer focus. Historical analysis has the ability to offer important insights about the ways the past is ever-present in the contemporary city.

Field guides produced by Brighton Press will emphasize the presence of the historical past in the contemporary landscape. They will focus on cultural landscapes, especially the built environment that has been shaped by urban design and planning processes, as well as by shifting tastes in architectural expression.


Brighton Press will also present, from time to time, as a feature of this website, maps that illustrate suburban landscapes in Greater Victoria.

For a map of Oak Bay’s “Building History, 1906-2006” that was researched and produced as a Geographical Information System (GIS) by Larry McCann and UVic Geography students, with SSHRC funding and technical support from Oak Bay Municipality, please click the button below.

Uplands Field Guide

The Uplands Field Guide focuses on several themes, especially the architectural and building history of John Olmsted’s masterpiece of residential design. Short biographies of the subdivision’s designer, the landscape architect John Charles Olmsted, and the developer of Uplands, William Hicks Gardner, provide background to this singular landscape. The General Plan of 1908 forms the centre piece of the field guide. Historical images and contemporary photos reveal the landscape and architectural character of Uplands. 

Alternatively, the Uplands Field Guide is available for $7.50 per copy by contacting Brighton Press. A free copy of the Guide will be included with any on-line purchase of Imagining Uplands: John Olmsted’s Masterpiece of Residential Design. See Orders page.